Zastava pap m92 folding brace

Zastava ZPAP M92 7.62x39mm Pistol Zastava ZPAP92, Semi-automatic, AK Pistol, 7.62X39, 10" Chrome Lined Barrel, Bulged Trunnion, CN Warrior Night Brake, 1.5MM Receiver, Blued Finish, Polymer Furniture, Quad Rail Handguard, Optics Rail, Buffer Tube Adapter and SBA3 Brace, 30Rd, 1 Magazine.
You just call and order just the brace brace is a direct fit to the factory Aug 18, 2014 · Each arm brace that CNC Warrior ships includes a copy of the ATF letter that says it is not a stock and that attaching it will not make a pistol a SBR 3 out of 5 stars Tec 9 brace adapter Login; M pap m92. DoubleStar Strongarm Pistol Brace. $138.99.
Zastava Quad Rail ZPAP 92/85 w/Angled Grip $ 94.99 © 2022 Zastava Arms USA. All rights reserved
This triangle side folding brace is left-side folding and is compatible with PSA AK-P and PSA AK-V models equipped with our PSA Picatinny Stock Adapter Assembly. The PSA AK Triangle Side Folding Brace is equipped with a steel hinge that attaches by picatinny mount. The hinge locks the brace in the open and closed positions.
PICATINNY MODULAR SIDE FOLDING ARM BRACE Went with the straight brace with a Strongarm Brace. The brace is aluminum, locks up nicely, and looks great on the ZPAP. No pics though. Too paranoid to post. However, You should be able to find a